Replace or Refurbish? That is the Question.

You know your roof is old and you’d like to have it checked out and take action BEFORE it leaks and does damage to the building structure.

The problem is roofing contractors can be biased toward roof replacement, because they make more money replacing than restoring your roof. So, if you call one in, won’t they recommend replacement? The fact is that some older roofs can have their useful life extended through restoration, provided that the underlying roof system is in good shape and only needs improved waterproofing.

There are several things you can do to evaluate the status of your roof before calling in a contractor. Ask yourself …

  1. Am I having active water intrusion during rain storms?
  2. Is there ponding and standing water on the roof for extended periods of time?
  3. Are the granules missing from my roof covering?
  4. Can I see the fabric in the roof covering?
  5. Do I see “alligatoring” in the roof covering where the asphalt is cracking or bubbling up?
  6. Am I using funds reserved for a replacement on repairs?
  7. During the rainy season, is my maintenance team spending more time calling in roof repairs than managing the facility?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these conditions, it’s likely that a roof restoration or possible replacement is in your near future. It’s time to call in a contractor for a professional evaluation.

Even if you aren’t experiencing any of these issues, we recommend being proactive. If your roof is nearing 10 years of age your insurance company may start asking for a roof replacement to continue insuring your property. If you’re not doing so already, start reserving sufficient funds to cover restoring your roof or replacing your roof in future years.