In Danger of Losing Roof Insurance? Here’s What One Tampa Property Did …

When Rudy Nassari, President of TLR Property Management, first contacted CES Commercial Roofing, his insurance company was refusing to insure the 20-year old roof of his 62,000 sq. ft. apartment complex in Tampa, Florida.

During that 20 years the roof had not received maintenance of any kind and, due to a lack of walkway access, had sustained damage from workmen dragging and dropping equipment when working on the A/C system. Because the roof was flat, it held tons of water that threatened to damage residential units during Florida’s rainy season.

After completing a thorough inspection, Jim Wolff, Manager of CES Commercial Roofing, made the following recommendations:

  • Scarify the existing roof and remove the degraded granulated acrylic coating
  • Re-apply 1″ of new spray polyurethane foam across the roof area with additional tapering as needed
  • Apply a final top coat of a 96% high-solid silicone elastomeric spray to guarantee a long-term waterproofing system
Apartment Complex
Roof – Before
Apartment Complex
Roof – After

Rudy agreed. Once the project was completed, the insurance company renewed their policy, satisfied that the refurbished roof met the 2015 Florida Building Code for insurability and that all the standing water issues had been resolved.

CES Commercial Roofing also added air conditioner stands to lift the A/C units up and out of the standing water. They also installed walkways from the newly added roof hatch to all the A/C pods for safe, secure access. The result? Measurable savings in air-conditioning costs as well as extended life for their new, insurable, roof.

You guys are amazing! What an extraordinary job you did managing through the rainy season and nearly 250 tenants through the entire project and ensuring there were no problems with parking and construction equipment. You kept all your equipment secured in a fenced in area and most of us never even knew you were around because it all went so smoothly. You also worked exceptionally well with our project manager and engineer to meet our deadlines for inspections and lien release requirements through the project. I will highly recommend you and look forward to the next project very soon.

Rudy Nassari
TLR Property Management, Inc.

If you are concerned that your roof may no longer be insurable, or has perhaps reached the end of its useful life, call CES Commercial Roofing for a free roof evaluation.